Life is better when it’s BOXD

BOXD is the number one tool for the self-employed. Helping you quickly raise invoices, track jobs, record payments and most importantly – free up your evenings!

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Your business

View all the important bits about your business quickly and easily on our business dashboard. We will collect all the info you need to help you manage your business effectively.

  • At a glance see how much earnings and spending you have for the current month and compare it to previous months to see how you’re doing.
  • Check all jobs in your pipeline and their value.
  • If you’ve sent a quote for a job it will sit here until you turn it into an invoice (or get rid of it).
  • This can serve as a handy reminder if you want to follow up with a customer and to make sure you don’t miss out on any work.
  • View all overdue invoices – once an invoice becomes overdue you can view them here, then send out a reminder with one click to make sure you get paid
  • See all Job check-ins – view your recent job check-ins to make sure you have invoiced everything.


We understand that sometimes customers don’t pay the full amount or raise queries on invoices, what a nightmare! With BOXD you can raise a quote for new work quickly and easily in-app – these can be amended at any time. Instantly change them to invoices when you’re happy and add notes so you don’t forget anything important.

  • Invoices can be sent out by email or WhatsApp to customers or even printed if preferred.
  • Receive alerts when an invoice becomes overdue and be reminded of all outstanding payments.
  • Invoices will change status from due to overdue once they go past your set payment deadline terms.
  • Easily send payment reminders to customers in-app

Record payments

Capture all payments or expenses by taking a quick picture of a receipt or invoice and adding an amount and description. For payment invoices received by email, simply screenshot and add the picture to the payment.

  • Link payments to a specific customer or job by adding details in the description.
  • Use the search bar to find all the payments with the details you entered.
  • This makes pulling out general expenses, materials or costs simple if you want to add them when raising a customer invoice.
  • We will even store all records securely for 6 years to correspond with HMRC regulations. Sorted.

Job tracking

Location, time and date will be automatically logged with one click using the app’s GPS enabled function. You can then add a customer’s name or any description to your jobs check-ins.

  • All check-ins will be stored in your job diary and in-app calendar.
  • Scroll through and check to see what jobs you have been working on and when.
  • Helping you to keep track and remember to send out invoices.

Connect to an accountant

Simply enter your accountant’s email address and they will be sent a link where they can view your invoices and payments. Your job diary will not be shared as this is a tool to help you keep on top of your work… accountants don’t need to know everything!

  • All financial information you input will be converted into a tidy spreadsheet for your accountant to prepare any necessary work.
  • Information will be updated and shared in real-time, as if by magic!
  • Once your accountant has received the link, they will be able to prepare all work on an ongoing basis without having to bother you again.
  • If you ever change accountants, you can control who has access to your records and update this any time.

Get paid faster

BOXD has partnered with Stripe, to allow you to accept debit and credit card payments on invoices you send to your customers.

  • Offering your clients multiple ways to pay gives them the flexibility they expect from a professional business.
  • Get paid up to 6 days faster when you accept online payments.
  • Spend less time tracking your payments with all your activity recorded for you. Find out the minute you get paid.

It’s easy to start accepting online payments – simply toggle on payments, link your Stripe account and away you go. From your Stripe account, you can access information like incoming transactions, their associated payment ID number and when they will be deposited into your bank account.

Your records, your way

You can save these on your computer if you prefer to have a copy of all entries, or even print them off if you want hard copies.

This function can be used if you prepare your own tax returns, VAT returns, or want an overview of your financial information for any purpose.

The voice of the people

“Taking pictures of receipts to log payments straight away is great, especially when I pay cash as I’m always forgetting about them and end up losing the receipts. I’ve worked out that I’ve saved over £100 on this year’s VAT returns already.”

Robin, Photographer

“The job check-in is great as I’m hopeless for making a note where I work. Before using the app I’d undercharged a customer for a day’s work, it cost me £200. It’s worth £5.99 a month just for that.”

Gethin, Plasterer

“I finished a job, used BOXD to send an invoice for £1600 there and then, and by the time I’d got to my next job, the money was in the bank. Amazing!”

Adam, Joiner

“I've been meaning to sort my self employment finances and found it easy to achieve with this app. I've cost myself money by not doing things sooner and BOXD made me realise I was foolish to put it off as long as I have. There's a clear, simple interface and everything becomes pretty self explanatory quite quickly. I'd say BOXD is a must have for self employed people, particularly the disorganised who need a helping hand but cannot afford an accountant.”

James, Content writer & Editor