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Here at BOXD, we understand how frustrating it can be when invoices are not paid on time and how time-consuming it can be chasing these payments! If you have sent multiple payment reminders from your app and are struggling with what to do next… we can take a bit of this pain away by chasing non-paying customers for you.


Free Legal Support

Our co-founder Elen is a qualified Solicitor experienced in Debt Recovery and Litigation.

Before any action can be taken through the Court System a ‘letter before action’ must be sent, giving the debtor a chance to pay the debt. Elen will write and send this letter for you FREE of charge. Usually, solicitors charge between £50 and £80 to send a letter. Very often a letter from a Solicitor threatening Court action is enough and payment is made.


founder elen

Do you need further Legal Support?

If you don’t receive payment after sending a letter and require legal assistance to take matters further we have teamed up with My Local Solicitor Ltd* to offer all BOXD members** a 10% discount on all legal fees. This discount not only covers court litigation for debt recovery but also any other legal assistance you may need with any other matter. Such as; contracts, partnership agreements, business lasting powers of attorney.

How would the discount work?

If you require any other legal assistance not mentioned, get in touch and we can quote a tailored price for the work, including the 10% discount for BOXD members of course.

*SRA number 645133
**BOXD members are users with a paid subscription

Free legal support

If you want some help with Debt Recovery get in touch using the form or email Elen at elen@boxd-app.com

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