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Here at BOXD, we understand how frustrating it can be when invoices are not paid on time and how time-consuming it can be chasing these payments! If you have sent multiple payment reminders from your app and are struggling with what to do next… we can take a bit of this pain away by chasing non-paying customers for you.


Supporting you and your business

Our co-founder Elen is a qualified Solicitor with experience in Debt Recovery.

Before any action can be taken through the Court System a ‘letter before action’ must be sent giving the debtor a chance to pay the debt. Elen will write and send this letter for you FREE of charge. Very often a letter from a Solicitor threatening Court action is enough but if they still refuse to pay your invoice Elen can guide you on the next steps to take and carry out all the legal work for you, letting you carry on with what you do best.

Free legal support

If you want some help with Debt Recovery get in touch using the form or email Elen at elen@boxd-app.com

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