BOXD legal support for the self employed

On-demand legal advice when you need it most

Whether you have a general question you want answered, need help drafting up a contract, or require advice when a customer’s not paying. BOXD Legal is here to help!

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Expert Legal Advice

Get expert on-demand support from our founder Elen, a qualified solicitor.

Easy to get started request via text, voice message, video, or even a live call

1-2-1 responses Elen can reach out to you to share guidance and discuss ways forward at a time that suits you.

No question too big or small

General advice

Unpaid Invoices

Contract disputes

Defamation of character

Business lasting powers of attorney

Your Rights as a self employed person

NDA’s and more

Discover legal support today and explore BOXD free for 2 weeks.

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Fast signup.

No payment or card required.

Enjoy for only £5.99 per month after trial.

Bespoke legal advice and counsel for our members

BOXD Legal

Sending enquiries, speaking to Elen and receiving general council is free.

If you need further assistance with a more specific matter, Elen will talk you through the next steps and how we can help.

You will then receive a no obligation quote.

Our members also benefit from discount on other legal services

We have teamed up with My Local Solicitor Ltd* to offer all BOXD members** a 10% discount on all legal fees.

*SRA number 645133
**BOXD members are users with a monthly subscription

Your BOXD legal FAQs

How do I get started with BOXD legal?

Getting started is easy. Simply register your free account on the BOXD app and begin your 2 week trial. Then navigate to the BOXD Legal section in your app.

Follow the on-screen instructions and submit your question via text, voice or video message. That’s it!

What can sort of thing can I ask about?

With BOXD Legal you can ask any question about any legal issue that you may have in the conduct of your business.

Some examples are:
unpaid Invoices, contract disputes, defamation of character, business lasting powers of attorney, NDA’s and more.

How long does it take to hear back?

We will aim to get back to you with a response as soon as possible. This is usually within 24 hours. This will either be a direct answer, request for more information or details on next steps for bigger issues.

Can I use this feature if I am on a free trial?

Yes, BOXD Legal is part of our free trial for users.

Is this included in my BOXD £5.99 subscription?

Yes, BOXD Legal is available to all BOXD members.

How much does it cost to progress an issue further?

This depends on the type of additional work needed. If you require additional help, we have teamed up with My Local Solicitor Ltd who will offer BOXD members an exclusive discount of 10% off all usual charges.

*Please note we are unable to offer BOXD legal services in Scotland.

Elen is qualified to advise in accordance with the laws of England and Wales only.
We will be looking to expand our offering to Scotland in future.