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“Taking pictures of receipts to log payments straight away is great, especially when I pay cash as I’m always forgetting about them and end up losing the receipts. I’ve worked out that I’ve saved over £100 on this year’s VAT returns already.”

Robin, Photographer

“The job check-in is great as I’m hopeless for making a note where I work. Before using the app I’d undercharged a customer for a day’s work, it cost me £200. It’s worth £5.99 a month just for that.”

Gethin, Plasterer

“I finished a job, used BOXD to send an invoice for £1600 there and then, and by the time I’d got to my next job, the money was in the bank. Amazing!”

Adam, Joiner

“I've been meaning to sort my self employment finances and found it easy to achieve with this app. I've cost myself money by not doing things sooner and BOXD made me realise I was foolish to put it off as long as I have. There's a clear, simple interface and everything becomes pretty self explanatory quite quickly. I'd say BOXD is a must have for self employed people, particularly the disorganised who need a helping hand but cannot afford an accountant.”

James, Content writer & Editor